Hot holiday hair tips for cool looks

Shoreditch hairdresser Francesco Picardi shares his professional tips to protect your hair colour and condition as you laze poolside this summer holiday.

A Healthy Scalp is the Key to a Healthy Hair - Davines Detoxifying Treatment
Your scalp's health affect your hair healthy since each hair grows from a single follicle in the scalp.

Davines Hair ON stage with Angelo Seminara & the 2014 World Style Contestant Semi Final
It was truly amazing to see Angelo Seminara and the master colourist Edoardo Paludo on the stage for Davines event on Sunday. 

Davines More Inside – New Hair Styling Products range

The new styling range, the value of a craftsmanship approach, the quality of formulations conceived to shape the creative expression.
The heart of “More Inside” is the formulas, created at the Davines Laboratories and then tested extensively by Angelo Seminara. The formulas express themselves as precious blends of various active ingredients which combine to perform a specific function: we have defined these combinations as “Factors”


Davines MOMO hair care products are specific to dry and dehydrated hair packed with vitamins, proteins and natural oils which restore the depleted elements dry and dehydrated hair needs to be healthy again.


Hair Care for Long Hair & Damaged Hair

Maintaining long hair takes a lot more time and effort compared to caring for short hair.
It's also a struggle to grow hair out long or keep your long hair healthy, while still using heat on your hair, and split ends and damaged hair just as bad.
Our favourite Davines Essential Hair care - MELU family are perfect for maintaining long, healthy and beautiful hair.

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