Getting a Hair Cut
The longer fine hair is the flatter it will get. Getting a haircut has been shown to improve flat hair by making it shorter thus giving it more body. You do not have to cut all your hair; just a simple trim will help. The best haircuts to revive flat hair are; the long bob, A-line shoulder length and bobs and pixies. A long bob is that which falls between your chin and shoulders which prevents your hair from falling flat. An A-line shoulder length cut is that which seems shorter in the back than the front.
Here are a few tricks to use if you still want your hair to remain long.
Adding Layers
Layers have always been used to add body and movement in your flat hair especially after getting a haircut. However, we would advise you against overlayering which will make your hair look mullet-like or stringy which is not appealing. If your hair is at shoulder-length, ensure your longest layers is at level with your ears or below. You can even try thinning which is used to getting rid of the bulk preventing it from becoming flat.
Some tricks for those who would not consider a hair cut
Over a certain period of time, your hair will start to get used to your part which will make it flatten. Try changing your part over a short period of time for your hair to maintain its volume. You can also try getting bangs which give an illusion of body by making it seem full. Consult your hair specialist on which type of bangs are most suitable for you and your face shape. Dying your flat hair will make it seem more voluminous so try doing so every once in a while.
Effects of using Shampoos and Conditioners
Most people use the wrong shampoos on their hair leading to flattening ever so often. If you have fine hair, please avoid creamy shampoos as they may reduce the volume of your hair. The trick is to apply conditioner to only the bottom third of your hair while washing it. Avoid applying it on your scalp as this will even out your hair making it flatten. Find the perfect balance between shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair. Also, try conditioning your flat hair before shampooing it.
Using hair products
Look for products that add the volume and body of your flat hair. A product like mousse has always been used to thicken hair without making it stiff. If you have oily or slick hair use dry