Summer is here and our thoughts turn to sun-drenched escapes.

But beware. Sun, salt and chlorine can play havoc with your hair colour and condition.

Avoid sun-stressed tresses and prepare your locks for your most beautiful summer yet with Francesco’s holiday hair care tips:

Homework for peachy beachy hair

“It pays to get your hair in tip-top condition before your holiday” advises Francesco. “Get ahead with an in-salon deep conditioning treatment to boost moisture levels, repair damage and reduce frizz. Our treatments start from just £10 – ask your stylist to recommend the right one for your hair. ”

If you're jetting off to sunny climes then tell your hairdresser at the start of your colour appointment. Even with a hat and sun protection the rays will lift your hair colour a couple of shades, so ensure your stylist considers your trip when deciding on your tones.

And don’t forget to book your post holiday salon appointment in plenty of time so re-growth, over-brightened tones or frizzy ends can be dealt with immediately on your return.


Prevention is better than cure for sun-stressed tresses

UV rays break down the protein in your hair leaving it frizzy, damaged and brittle so always protect your hair and scalp.

Use a specifically formulated sun protective product with a high SPF such Davines SU Hair Milk, a light leave-in protective and softening treatment. Thanks to anti UVA and UVB filters, it protects hair hydration and colour during sun exposure while conditioning the hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft and shiny.

Hats and scarves are always your hair’s best friend against the fierce sun. “Remember it’s not just poolside that your hair needs protection, warns Francesco. “Whether zooming around in open-topped cars, taking in the sights or sipping a chilled drink in a sunny beach bar your hair and scalp need protection.”  


Chlorine and salt damage condition and colour

Chlorine can turn hair, especially blondes, a brassy green tinge. Francesco recommends rinsing your hair thoroughly with clean water before your swim as wet hair soaks up less harmful chlorine than dry hair. If you can’t take a pre-swim shower, than bottled water is a handy stand-by.

Cleanse your hair immediately after your swim to remove salt and chlorine residues. “I always pack Davines SU Hair & Body Wash an all in one hydrating wash for both hair and body,” says Francesco. “I love having just one product to take poolside, and this restorative and moisturizing shampoo and shower gel produces a rich and thick foam. It also helps prolong the life of your tan.”

Finish with cool water to close down the outer hair cuticle for added gloss and shine. And always remember to re-apply your protection frequently, and especially after a refreshing dip.


Give your hair a holiday treat

Post swim boost thirsty, lack-lustre hair with a deep moisturising treatment like Davines SU Hair Mask especially developed for sun exposed hair.

Comb this nourishing replenishing mask through from roots to tips and wrap your hair in a towel. Now kick back, relax and top up that tan while the mask restores vital moisture lost from exposure to UV rays, heat and pool chemicals and creates soft, healthy, shiny locks.


Beach-worthy dos

“Braids and plaits continue to be a strong trend for summer hair.” Francesco explains,“ Multiple mini braids or a fishtail plait are simple to do and are quintessential beach hair. Once dry, loosen them, shake your head and you’ve just-rolled-out-of-bed textured hair.”

Short on time? A twisted side pony is simple and cool and the messy bun is always a winner – why not make it a double bun for a quirky twist? Or wrap a boho scarf to swiftly tame unruly locks and add some beads.


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