In order to maintain and intense colour over time  and to protect its structural qualities come the glorifying line, a cosmetic line  dedicated to the care and treatment of coloured hair. The same care and attention can be dedicated to the hair, so that the changes it undergoes over time can be reduced and contrasted.
Hair aging is a natural process which develops long before the appearance of the symptoms which characterise it:

  • Dry hair and scalp
  • Brittleness, weakness, lack of body
  • Less elasticity and density following the reduction of melanin production white and greying hair.
This is why the glorifying line has been created for women over 30, who can still act on the first effects caused by aging, making use of the most suitable products.
Glorifying purposes a complete range of products, from the preparation to the colour service, up to the final finishing touch, to give a splendour and strength which blocks the damage caused by ageing.
Glorifying offers formulation of the highest quality, using extremely pure ingredients. It has the backing of highly specialized scientific and technical staff in order to guarantee, with loving expertise, complete safety both in terms of use and performance.
Davines invites you to enjoy this experience!
Texts by Henna
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