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Hence the challenge: OI/OIL, a refined multi-purpose oil launched by Davines in 2011 that is a perfect synthesis of treatment and styling, whose success led to the creation of the revolutionary OI/All in One Milk, the initiator of a new type of multi-purpose product, and the pair OI/Shampoo and OI/Conditioner, special complementary products that share the same origin, style and formulation concept as OI/OIL. The results warrant the definition of “absolute beauty products”.

The properties of the products in the OI family are also linked to Roucou Oil, originally from the Amazon, which has a restructuring action on the hair. This is joined by a selection of special ingredients in a formula that is ideal for obtaining results that are immediate and evident, and can be enhanced by using with other OI specialities. Roucou

Oil is abounding in beta-carotene with antioxidant and restructuring properties, and in ellagic acid with its free radical-neutralizing action.
From concept to results the OI line shares an inimitable approach underlined by the elegance of its style. In packaging that plays with the intensity of black and transparency; and in terms of ethics, including the line in the Zero Impact LifeGate project, common to the entire Essential Haircare line.





Thanks to its particularly rich and nourishing formulation it performs in an excellent manner many functions:


  • adds shine
  • adds softness and silkiness
  • has an excellent detangling power
  • facilitates combing of dry and wet hai
  • controls frizz
  • has an exceptional conditioning effect
  • gives body without weighing hair down
  • moisturizes hair
  • facilitates blow drying
  • heat protection
  • provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

Ideal for all kinds of hair.

Davines OI  ALL  IN ONE MILK  
How to use:
After using oi/shampoo, towel dry and spray oi/all in one milk 10-15 times on roots and ends: do not rinse and continue with styling. Depending on the type of hair, increase or decrease the number of sprays. In case of difficult hair, you can apply oi/ all in one milk after oi/conditioner. For particularly dehydrated hair, apply oi/all in one milk to dry hair as a moisturizing finish, spraying the product directly on the palm of the hand and distributing evenly on the lengths and end
Product Sizes:
135 ml
Natural Active Ingredients:
Provitamin B5 - deep moisturizing action;
Roucou oil - prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action;
Particularly suitable for giving hair extraordinary softness, shine and body: it is an ideal treatment before applying oi/all in one milk and oi/oil.
How to use:
Apply evenly to hair and scalp and massage in gently. Rinse and repeat application if necessary. Rinse off thoroughly.
Product Sizes:
1000 ml, 280 ml

Natural Active Ingredients:
Roucou oil - prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action;
Davines OI  SHAMPOO  




Particularly suitable for giving hair extraordinary softness, shine and body.
  • accelerates the drying process
  • protects the structure of the hair from damage caused by the heat of blow dryers and straighteners or by mechanical stress
How to use:
Apply the right amount of product evenly to shampooed and towel dried hair, work¬ing section by section. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, then comb. Rinse off thoroughly.

Product Sizes:
250 ml, 1000 ml

Natural Active Ingredients:
Apricot butter - hydrating and soothing;
Roucou oil - prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action;
Davines OI  Conditioner  


  • extraordinary shine and softness to the hair
  • strong detangling and restructuring action
  • anti-frizz effect
  • strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action
How to use:
For an anti-frizz effect protective on the hair apply 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL on damp hair, distributing it evenly on the lengths and ends, then dry. For a shiny and soft finishing apply approximately 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL to lengths and ends of dry hair. The quantity can vary according to the hair type: use only 1 pump for fine hair, in case of medium or thick hair, start with 2 or 3 pumps and add more product only if needed.
Product Sizes:
50 ml, 135 ml
Natural Active Ingredients:
Breathable silicons - to create a protective film on all hair type;
Roucou oil - prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action;

Launched at Cosmoprof 2011 OI / OIL is now the n.1 product in the Davines portfolio. OI /OIL is a Zero Impact® product
Davines OI  oil  
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